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Abundant amounts of Solar Energy in Western Colorado make
it an ideal location for solar thermal and photo voltaic systems.
Solar Design Group is a Solar Thermal, Photo Voltaic and
Small Wind turbine company based in Grand Junction Colorado.
Western Colorado is an ideal climate for both forms of Solar
systems. The abundant amount of solar radiation we receive per
year, over 300 days, can be used for domestic hot water, radiant
floor heating, heating swimming pools, powering residential and
commercial buildings.

Commercial applications for solar hot water include restaurants,
bars, car washes, motels and hotels, hospitals, schools,
commercial laundries, breweries, and public swimming pools
to name a few. Solar hot water and electric systems are two
technologies that will help our nation now and in the coming years
reduce our energy consumption and energy foot print. We offer
a range of solar thermal collectors and equipment suited to your
specific application, budget, and styling requirements.

Solar Design Group LLC is an authorized dealer for Gaia-Wind
a two bladed 11Kw horizontal axis wind turbine. These Danish
manufactured turbines are real work horses in the small wind
turbine scale producing up to 35,000Kwh in average wind speeds
of 12 mph. The low rotor speed of 61 RPM, with a blade diameter
of 42.6’ feet or 1,425 Sq’ ft. of swept area makes it an ideal turbine
for areas that receive average wind speeds of 9+ MPH of wind
speed. Field proven for over 20 years makes this an ideal wind
turbine for farms, ranches and small commercial operations.

Solar Design Group LLC is an authorized distributor/dealer for
the Xzeres horizontal axis wind turbine. There are two models
available, the Xzeres 110 a 2.kKW and the Xzeres 442SR a
10KW wind turbine. They are as cost effective as solar photo
voltaic for a higher output yet require less installed area. While all
sites and areas are not suitable for wind power, in areas that are,
these are a great addition to any residence or business

Our commitment to you:

To provide our customers with realistic and cost effective solar energy solutions that reduce their energy consumption, with the overall objective for long term financial and energy savings, through the use of superior products, engineering, and customer service.

To provide our clients with the very best in value added proven solar and wind products and equipment that is aesthetically pleasing, and will provide years of superior performance.

To assist our clients in reducing their carbon footprint and overall energy usage through the use of solar energy.



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